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National Student Parliament is on Date: Friday, 18th | January | 2019 & Date: Saturday, 19th | January | 2019

Sessions 2019


Inagural Session 10am -11.30 am
Mr. Bhupender Yadav

Indian Politician

Mr. Boman Irani

Indian Film Actor

Mr. Manish Awasthi

Political Editor India News

Mr. Ajay Sancheti

Member of Rajya Sabha

Session I

Gross Domestic happiness is more important in judging the well being of a country than Gross Domestic Product

Indeed, in a developing country like India, the newspapers, the magazines and the editorials are crammed with the talks about Gross Domestic Product, the finances and the economic condition. However, in the same realm the real and more pertinent issue somehow goes unattended. What is that term which has not even been indicated by? How has its significance been obliterated till date? Why hasn’t it been a part of the news ever? And no, it is not some complex term which will ensure you to utilize your dictionary; it is a very basic yet indispensable term- the happiness.

After all, isn’t the aspect that a happy individual works better a Universal truth! Isn’t it a high time we alter our perspective about growth of the nation. It is worthy of understanding that growth should not just be the result of the economy. It should rather be associated with the happiness quotient of an individual or individuals of a country. Then, in the near future, we will be able to reach the position or the podium where we will be able to call ourselves a part of a developed nation!

Rujuta Luktuke Sport Journalist

Dr. Prakruti Poddar Poddar Foundation

Shivani Dani Chairman

Session 1 :-

Gross Domestic happiness is more important in judging the well being of a country than Gross Domestic Product

  1. CA Pankaj Madhane

  2. Rujuta Luktuke

  3. Dr. Prakruti Poddar

  4. Shivani Dani

Student Speaker
  1. Pranay Singh Thakur
    -Happiness isn't just about Wealth" I believe that Gross Domestic Product alone can not prosper the nation but at the same time we can not repudiate happiness. Read More >>
    Gross National Happiness should always supplement Gross Domestic Product. Happiness tells us how well a society satisfies the major concerns of people's everyday life, on the other hand GDP is the most prevalent metric used to assess the progress of nation, both together are the quintessence of development and progress.

  2. Pushpak Lohitkar
    -हमारे देश का विकास बहोत तेझी से हो राहा है ।
    -हमारे देश का विकास बहोत तेझी से हो राहा है । पार यह प्रश्न है कि हमारा देश सचमे खुशहाल है की नहीं क्युकीं हमारे देश का GDP बतता है कि हमारे देश में किसानों का उत्पादन बढ रहा है । मगर सच यह है के देश में किसानों के आत्महत्या का प्रमाण दिन ब दिन बढ राहा है। ओर बिना पैसोंके देश भी नाही चल शकता यह एक सत्य है।

Session II

In the Name of Progress, is Culture being Compramised?

India continues to be the abode of a multicultural community. And, we do not simply put forth this as a statement, when we converse about our country, we actually feel it. The emotion of being a part of a country, which harbors strong cultural ethics, is what we have lived throughout

However, as much as this truth persists, we cannot and should not obliterate the path which the inhabitants of the country are following in the present scenario. Crimes, illegal issues and increasing social problems are in some or the other way associated with the facts which are well indicative to the result of compromising of our culture.

It is high time we comprehend the implication of freedom and modernity. We need to understand that there is a thin line which we should not cross in the realm of following the so called western culture. And, we need to work on it now. It is because, tomorrow will be too late. The damage done might have led to incurable situation in the near future. So, let’s start with us today, right here!

Nupur Basu Journalist

Sucharita Palepu HR at Tech Mahindra

Mr. Sanjay Tiwari Journalist

Mr. Vinit Goenka Politician

Session 2 :-

In the Name of Progress, is Culture being Compramised?

  1. Nupur Basu

  2. Sucharita Palepu

  3. Mr. Sanjay Tiwari

  4. Mr. Vinit Goenka

Student Speaker
  1. Surmai Mukharjee
    -Change is good. Traditions are not static. They are constantly evolving with time. Read More >>
    New generations bring new ideas, new thoughts, new ways of doing things. However, we rarely recognize this as positive change within the context of culture and traditions. Culture has not been destroyed , only it's form has changed.

  2. Vedang Chatte
    -हमारे देश का एक व्यक्ति जिसने योग के माध्यम से विश्वपटल पर ख्याति प्राप्त की , Read More >>
    वो जब तक संन्यास धर्म का पालन कर रहा था, तब तक वह सांस्कृतिक था पर जब वही संन्यासी धन के मोह में आकर रसायन युक्त वस्तुओंकी प्रसिद्धि करने लगा उसी क्षण से प्रगति के जरिये संस्कृति पर समझौता होना शुरू हुआ.
    एक वक्त था जब पुराने संसद में पं. नेहरुजीको एक युवा नेता ने कहा था , "आपमें मुझे चर्चिल भी दिखाई देता है और चेम्बरलेन भी". यह सुनकर भी युवा अटल की पीठ थपथपाते हुवे कहते थे आज का भाषण तो बड़ा अच्छा था. यहाँ पर नम्रता और समझदारी का प्रत्यक्ष समन्वय दिखता है और आधुनिक भारत के आधुनिक संसद में आंख मरना और गले मिलना इसके अलावा .....
    हमारे देश में एकल परिवार तथा पतिव्रता स्त्री / पत्नीव्रता पति की परंपरा रही मगर जब हमारे देश का सुप्रीम कोर्ट हमारे देश की पुलिस जब एक पुरुष तथा स्त्री को किसी पर स्त्री तथा पुरुष से सम्भान बनाने की मान्यता देती है तब संस्कृति से समझौता कर हम आधुनिकता की और नहीं पाश्च्यात्य संस्कृति में जाते हुवे दिखते है

Session III

- Leadership Crisis: Can India survive if Leaders have only Parochial or Regional Interests?

“Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not power”- S. Berkley

Conversing about the mighty and multi-cultural country India is all about; its democracy is always a term of discussion. Indeed, it is the country with one of the finest democracies.

India is a lot to be proud of, the many number of religions thriving in the same land together, the diverse culture portraying their uniqueness, the disparate languages reflecting on their roots and the list is rather endless. Nevertheless, wherever we go, we call ourselves Indian; we never introduce ourselves with our religion or our state. This is the beauty of being a part of a united Nation.

But, come elections, and the entire nation is divided into regions and religions. It seems an unseeingly yet strong line initiates in splitting them.

And, who is the one responsible for it, the leaders! It is really unfortunate on the part of the country, which has a rich civilization to be led by people who have this thought process. Quite definitely we do not need leaders who have parochial or regional interests. We need leaders who are able to motivate the country to a Developed nation, through education, job opportunities and a blend of the latest in technology and innovation.

Mr. Rajesh Badal Journalist/Film Maker at freelancer

Mr. Tanveer Ahmed National spokesperson JD

Mrs. Shubharastha Sethi Indian Politician

Mr. Nawab Malik NCP Leader

Session 3 -:

Leadership Crisis: Can India survive if Leaders have only Parochial or Regional Interests?

  1. Mr. Rajesh Badal

  2. Mr. Tanveer Ahmed

  3. Mrs. Shubharastha Sethi

  4. Mr. Nawab Malik

Student Speaker
  1. Hussain Kapadawala
    -A leader is the one who take some hard decisions even if it displeased a particular

  2. Karan Pareek
    -Who is a leader ? He is just like a zero.

Session IV

Session 4 - Human Rights: Who should be protected?

“To deny people their human rights, is to challenge their very humanity.”- Nelson Mandela

Indeed, human rights are indispensable to live. Yes, the world has come to the place where to live with peace and to live amicably; the human rights have become pertinent. The newspapers, the news channels and the editorials continue to flash something or other about human rights violation. But, isn’t the source of human rights, humanity?

The real question persists, as to what about humanity? If, we could all just be humans enough, won’t that be an acceptance and observation of human rights. Practicing law not just to avoid punishment, but because it is an integral part of your life! And, with all this, not obliterating for even a single moment, that who should actually be given protection under the human rights umbrella? Aren’t we giving protection to the culprit? Aren’t the loopholes in the system assuring protection to those with an upper hand in aristocracy?

These and many such questions continue to be of debate. These need to be solved. We, as a part of the biggest democracy of the world need to make amendments to it. It has to start now, with us, right here.

Mr. Vishwas Pathak Politician

Dr. S Shanthakumar Dean,Goenka University

Session 4 :-

Human Rights: Who should be protected?

  1. Mr. Vishwas Pathak

  2. Mr. Henry Tiphang:

  3. Dr. S. Shanthakumar

  4. Mr. Shekhar Naphade

Student Speaker
  1. Abhijit Khodke
    -In order to live with dignity certain basic rights and freedoms are necessary which all human beings

  2. Toshik Raut
    -पिछले 2500 साल के मानवीय इतिहास में 5000 से भी ज्यादा युद्ध,

Session V

Reinventing Zero: Zero Poverty, Zero Corruption, Zero Terrorism

“When you make yourself into Zero, your power becomes invincible.”- Mahatma Gandhi

With the term Zero, somehow we Indians have always had something to be proud of. After all, the invention of this indispensable number dates back to the rich civilization we harbor. So, it is quite natural that we do not ever cease this from our memory. We, continue to boast about this. After all, pioneering is pioneering.

Yet again, isn’t it a Universal truth that history repeats itself. So, how about making a plunge into the repetition mode! And this time with a fresh new perspective! Let us become the pioneer in crafting Zero poverty, in ensuring Zero corruption and in making a mark with Zero Terrorism. Indeed, in the present scenario of growing up, developing the economic condition, assuring that there is that unique inculcation of the latest in tools and technology of the system, it is high time we initiate the progress from that mark which is rather more pertinent than anything else.

Thus, 10 years down the line when the coming generation speaks about the number Zero, they will have something much more to be proud of with diminishing poverty, lowest levels of corruption and no tolerance for terrorism.

Let’s re-start with Zero.

Mrs. Shweta Shalini BJP Spokespeaker

Dr. Chandrashkar D P CEO-JGI Schools

Mr. Charan Singh Sapra Vice President-Mumbai Congress

Mr. Vivek Agnihotri Film Maker/Author

Session 5 :-

Reinventing Zero: Zero Poverty, Zero Corruption, Zero Terrorism

  1. Mrs. Shweta Shalini

  2. Dr. Chandrashkar D P

  3. Mr. Charan Singh Sapra

  4. Mr. Vivek Agnihotri

Student Speaker
  1. Anika Kapur
    - हम सदैव आतंकवाद के लिए आतंकवादियों को या किसी धर्म को दोषी ठहराते है, परन्तु वास्तव में इसका कारण हम सब है। Read More >>
    हम में बसा, हमारे द्वारा किया गया भ्रष्टाचार है। यही भ्रष्टाचार है जिसके कारण उन सभी माताओं के आखों मे आसु आए जिन्होंने अपनी संतान किसी आतंकवादी हमले में खोई, यही कारण है उन बच्चों का अनाथ होने का जिनके माता पिता घर से तो निकले पर कभी घर लौट के नहीं आए। जब कोई भी व्यक्ति कोई भ्रष्ट काम करता है तब वो किसी बड़े धमाके में अपना छोटा सा योगदान दे रहा होता है क्यू की कही ना कही यह कला धन है जो इन आतंकवादियों के खजाने भरता है।कई लोग जो भ्रष्टाचार से पीड़ित है आसानी से इन आतंकवादियों की बता में आ जाते है। भ्रष्टाचार और आतंकवाद मिलकर हमारे देश को खोखला कर रहे है। हमे गरीबी की चरम सीमा तक धकेल रहे है। यदि ऐसा ही चलता रहा तो एक दिन यह देश और यहां का हर निवासी नष्ट हो जाएगा। अब वक्त आ गया है कि हम आतंकवाद और गरीबी मिटाने के लिए भ्रष्टाचार को शून्य पर लाए वरना कहीं एक दिन ऐसा ना आ जाए जब हम सुबह घर से तो निकले पर कभी लौट के वापस ना आए।

  2. Neeta Pawar
    - Our country which once was referred to as Son Chirraiya, gave the world many inventions including "zero". Read More >>
    A nation which always believed in the principle of "live and let live", is now struggling with corruption, poverty and terrorism. India achieved independence 73 years ago. however, the menance of corruption, poverty and terrorism has not ended yet.. We are in the 21st century, where we have a number of economic superpowers, a number of developed nations by our side, yet we have failed to become a Developed Nation and still fall in the category of "developing countries ". This is not the country thousands of people lost their lives for. Our forefathers thought WE, The Citizen, The Youth will strive hard to make this country great. But, we have all been busy complaining about our government , our issues instead of finding the solutions. Today I strongly believe the time has come that we fight for our India, when we instead of just bragging about our problems look forward to a feasible solution to make our country great again.

Achiever’s Award

Mr. Bhupender Yadav

Our parliament is unpredictable in spite of that we need to create an accountable system with help of community interaction. Chance can come anytime and opportunity can be anywhere. We must learn to garner it.

Mr. Boman Irani

I never take anything for granted. We must try to create role of some idle people who inspire you. Education is for everyone who want to learn not only for some extraordinary. One must possess Desire, Want, or Passion to achieve success. Obstacles are important they teach us some good lesson in life. You must be aware of Comfort Zone, it brings you down. People will bring you down if you remain in comfort zone. As long as possible protect your innocence and never lose passion.

Mr. Manish Awasthi

It’s high time to be world Guru for India. NSP is platform to understand social, political, economical system through which we can create leaders of tomorrow by participating actively in politics. We also have social media by which can ask question to our leaders.

Mr. Ajay Sancheti

NSP is a knowledge platform where various important subject are discussed and whats more important is what students learn from it. Leaders needs to control dignity of there word and must play a part of sensible politics. We are the youngest country which is our plus point. Our Leadership development sources has lapsed and we must revoked it only then we could change our country politics. Voting is your right and must use it.

CA Pankaj Madhane

GDP and GDH are both important for us. Business entities are are interested in doing business in India as in coming future we are going to be largest economy. We are moving from tag of developing country to developed country. Our per capita income is quite low which is related to happiness. We need to do something for unequal distribution of wealth to bring country on path of success.

Rujuta Luktuke

Happy society can be achieved with high per capita income which can be possible with higher GDP. Though GDP doesn’t interpret overall well being of society but it has huge part in it. There are various other aspect which we need to consider with GDP & GDH

Dr. Prakruti Poddar

Happiness is more important as money can’t be a sole reason for happiness. Hype of Globalization seems to be gone wrong where people are giving importance to only money depriving all human values. We need to become an abbasador of happiness. We need to raise our wellness quotient and creativity which comes from mind. Focus on inner peace for happiness.

Shivani Dani

Happiness is in the mind if a person is satisfied with what he has. A society become happy when country make progress with available resources. India’s Human resources is biggest power. Everyone strive to make themself happy then whole country will become happy. Everyone must care for country need to take action to reach goal with confidence.

Nupur Basu

First we need to know what’s exactly the culture is ? Culture has different definition at different places. We have country where various culture unite together. We must protect ourselves from Monoculturism. Try to find true friends than virtual friends. Woman is mostly targeted in the name of culture and they need to be protected.

Sucharita Palepu

Indian culture indeed is a beautiful but globalization has great impact on it. New culture are being created mixing various cultures. We need skillful society who have updated themself to match with progress.

Mr. Sanjay Tiwari

Indian culture indeed is a beautiful but globalization has great impact on it. New culture are being created mixing various cultures. We need skillful society who have updated themself to match with progress.

Mr. Vinit Goenka

We cannot and should not obliterate the path which the inhabitants of the country are following in the present scenario. Crimes, illegal issues and increasing social problems are in some or the other way associated with the facts which are well indicative to the result of compromising of our culture.

It is high time we comprehend the implication of freedom and modernity.

Mr. Rajesh Badal

We need more platform like NSP to instill sense of nationalism among student. We should understand our problem then it will be easy for us to solve it. Leader are not born but they are made from common people. One need strong will power because you cannot be leader with hollow promises.

Mr. Tanveer Ahmed

We don’t have leadership crisis but we need to recognize Leader properly. Regional issues are important and need special attention but that doesn’t divide the country. To be truth crisis create the leader. Leader should not contradict but relieve the confusion. Leader is going to get judge by efforts he make to bring the change.

Mrs. Shubharastha Sethi

Regional politics is not parochial but important in peculiar point of view. Regional politics have different aspects which needs to be discuss. One must understand what politics is. If you think that you are not being heard then there is no problem in raising your voice. Don’t not believe anyone, first checked the facts

Mr. Nawab Malik

Leader making process in our country is seemed to be ceased. Student parliament has capacity to create Leaders. There seems to be leadership crisis but that's not end. University election should started again if we want good leaders. Politics is not a profession but service. Leader always live for others.

Mr. Vishwas Pathak

Human Right violation happening in the county but first we understand what is actual Human Right? It is obligatory for government to facilitate right to human right. Each and every last person is entitled for Human Right and Justice.

Mr. Henry Tiphang

We have unique institutions. We need to continue to uphold the constitutional values. Our country has become castiest and some place human right violation happened but it’s time we must give exact Human right and not in theoretically

Dr. S. Shanthakumar

According to me what’s more important is to protect the “Human Right” itself. It seems that nobody understand the Human Right properly not even judges then how we can protect Human Rights? It’s time to redefine the Human Right again.

Mr. Shekhar Naphade

This generation has failed to protect the human Rights. Human was born free but not everywhere as civilization had converted into division. Human Right violation happen when strong try to dominate weak. This country is in young hand and they need to take care of it and human right too.

Mrs. Shweta Shalini

Indian discovered zero so we have special right on it. Government has done enough to bring poverty, corruption and terrorism down. People has major part to play in achieving these goals.

Dr. Chandrashkar D P

Parliamentary debates are important. Our Constitution is holy so is the parliament where politicians come together for common motto. Absolute power is root cause of corruption and we need to restrict. You must become job provider, not job seeker.

Mr. Charan Singh Sapra

To have zero poverty we must focused on Education facilities. Employment generation is an issue in country which is leading to corruption. Terrorism too has increased which we need to tackled with full determination and willpower.

Mr. Vivek Agnihotri

One must be always positive avoiding negativity. Young generation inspire me to be positive.We country is known for unity in diversity and that's it’s beauty. Whatever problem we are facing we need to resolve through mutually. India’s importance in the world is gradually increasing.

Mr. Astik Kumar Pandey

I would like to thank you Raisoni Group for this award. This is the token of some good work we are doing in my work area. It will give me more inspiration to whatever best I can do. I and my wife both are in services of Nation and I’m proud of it.

Mrs. Harshini Kanhekar

I can’t express my gratitude for RGI Group for adorning me for this prestigious award. Being a first Firewoman brought a lot of responsibilities and a way to become source of inspiration that women can do anything. As it seems women are not equal but they are going ahead.

Mr. Faiz Fazal

Thank you Raisoni Group for this lovely award and finding me capable for it. A sportsman live with a ignited spirit to play for nation and to entertain those who watch it. I will continue to give my best and bring more for whom I play.