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Youth with all their Power...

Voice raised high with confidence...

Brains running like Wheels...

Hearts pumped up as machines...

Bones getting tolerant & stiffed....

With Internal Soul gearing shifts...

Giving his interpretation on freedom of speech and expression, truth and speaking lies he elaborated many finer aspects of using this freedom sparingly. Freedom of expression vests on us duty to speak the truth and only truth. Corruption if needs to dealt with stern hands, without fearing for consequences one should speak the truth.

Adv Shri Ram Jetmalani Former Union Law Minister & Chairman Bar Council of India

Highlighting the importance of freedom of speech and expression from the medias perspective he insisted to go beyond what is projected by the present media. How to make the medium of media powerful is the duty of youths and hence freedom of speech and expression should also take care of National language in expression was his insistence.

Shri Ved Pratap Vaidik Journalist, Political Analyst and Freelance Columnist

With development of global economy the freedom of speech and expression has assumed greater importance, so this basic right must be cherished and nurtured with control and regulated manner, which will guarantee the larger interest of larger number of people being protected.

Hon’ble Justice V C Daga (retd) Spokesperson of All India Congress Committee

Where world collapsing economically there India stand firmly that is Acche Din & it is more about action than words. Govt who listens, understands, works that is Acche Din.

Mrs.Priyanka Chaturvedi Spokesperson of All India Congress Committee

It is good that college is penetrating democracy in students. Every voice should come up if you want Acche Din in country. From birth to death, will need non corrupt system that is defination of Acche Din.

Mrs.Priti Sharma Menon National Executive Member, Aam Aadmi Party

"Escape is related to protect those who can not protect themselves" so Acche Din is responsibility of all people and we can not run away. It is for benevolence of the country which will maintain balance.

Mr.K N Govindacharya RSS Ideologue

Acche Din are for future growth, development, employment. A change happened with our foreign policies results into good relation with so many countries for future growth i.e Acche Din

Mrs. Saroj Pandey RSS Ideologue

Innovation lies in looking at what is obvious, it is about creating value. One should be clear on what the parameters of growth are and what kind of inovation can be applied to ensure sustainable growth. Innovation is not just about increasing financial growth but about creating values.

Mr. Aashar Farhan A Tech Entrepreneur

He spoke on the difference between invention and innovation. He said that businesses of today that work with the mindset of yesterday are sure to get wiped out. Companies have to adapt to changing needs of consumer, for eg. Nokia lost out on the market as it failed to change.

Mr. Manish Harodia Co-Founder at DreamWallets - ‎Rubix108 Technologies

One has to think out of the box. He rejected a number of good job offers and went into the field of Virtual Reality at his own start up. He said that a job 99% done is as good as not done.

Mr. Hemanth Satyanarayana CEO of Imaginate

The top number one brands never advertise. They just capture the imagination of the people and it is the mouth to mouth publicity that ensured their success and position.

Mr. Mahesh Murthy Founder, Pinstorm; Co-founder, Seedfund

We – you and I together—can reduce crime if we make effort to understand what factors prompt a certain crime , become compassionate , make juveniles aware of what they are doing , give them understanding of the laws that govern or punish a certain behavior.

Anuja Kapoor Criminal Psychologist

Becoming aware is being enlightened “From Darkness to Light”, --Dr Vyenkatesham narrated statistics to show that India still ranked low as far as crimes are concerned. He felt that occasions such as National Students Parliament would make students conscious as to what constitutes crime and how one could fight the criminal impulse.

Mr. Vyenkatesham Commissioner of Police Nagpur

Fight the enemy within was the focus of his talk. He stated that he learnt from his experience that most crimes are crimes of passion. “The Shad-ripu” -six passions of ego, anger, lust, power, jealousy and revenge led to crimes. Hence he felt training oneself to control these passions was very important .

Dr. Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay Additional Director General of Police

While speaking on the topic he critiqued the crime detection statistics put out in public arena and pointed out that the number looks small as compared to other countries because many crimes go unreported in India. Getting people to register a crime and police department to change its attitude towards reporting of the crime was crucial for arresting the growing crime graph in the country.

Kulwant Singh Sarangal Additional Director General of Police

Working towards zero tolerance to crime society : “I am not a victim, I am a survivor” said Laxmi, the acid attack survivor.

Laxmi Agarwal Acid Attack Survivor

Youth are actually the present of our country and not future. By virtue of time, point of view for particular aspects has changed but that’s not enough reason to call youth mindless drone. It’s responsibility of all to imbibe good character to make them good citizen.

Shaina NC BJP Spokesperson

Uncompromising force of any country is certainly our youth. Despite emphasizing any issue on their mindset it’s much better to impart knowledge and leave it on their analytical skill to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. In existing time there must be scope for Debate & Deliberate.

Ajay Sancheti Rajya Sabha MP

Political scenario is tremendously changing due to active participation of young generation and voting is only way to change the system. We need to create opportunities in our nation to stop compromising migration of educated youth by making governance a smooth process.

Prahlad Kakker AD Guru

Live in relationship showing its impact on society. It is right or wrong is matter of everyone’s personal conscience but certainly responsibilities can’t be omitted in those relationships. Judgments in these cases are giving on fact and corresponding aspects. It’s always good to be in relation which has social acceptance to avoid tricky situation in future. It’s nice initiative from Raisoni Group to highlight the issues.

Justice (Retd) V.S. Sirpurkar Retd. Justice of Supreme Court

Our nation needs young political leaders to specify the credential on international platform. Consistently bracing positive mindset youth need to march toward being political leaders to tackle the problem of terrorism and castism. In all scenarios Satsant play an important role in human life. To develop others first we must develop ourselves. I present my kudos to Raisoni group for this incredible initiative.

Dr. Pawan Sinha Astrologer

Every one has two mothers one which give birth and second Mother Earth who nurture. One must strive to do something for them. If a nation wants to move on path of progress that can’t be happen without up-liftmen of villages. Not only possessing but proper application of knowledge is also important.

Maulana K R Rizvi Islamic Scholar and Social Reformer

Spirituality has its importance to established inner peace. True conscience for social welfare can be created in pure minds which are cleaned with spirituality. Persons with dishonesty and impure mind can’t lead the nation. Its opportunity provided by Raisoni Group to learn and acquired democratic vision to lead the nation.

Swami Martand Puri Spiritual Guru

Career in film industries could open the gate for name, fame and money but one needs a huge guts and hard work to succeed. There will be many failures but those who show consistency and tremendous will power could hit the bull’s eye. Lot of things there we needed to take care of so we don’t deviate from our aim. The Raisoni Group and NSP team doing excellent job of showing way to the young student.

Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar Bollywood Director

It’s true that our country is of young but our leaders are quite old and this situation can only be changed by us only i.e. the youth. Surely maximum the young population ultimately increase quantum of there problem. To cope with it and find solutions we need young generation to show active participation into the politics. Rather than this issue of farmer’s suicide, terrorism, discrimination, technical education too needs attaintion. I’m glad Raisoni Group with NSP doing the same.

Dr. Ashish Deshmukh Politician

Every one’s life is touched with politics by different way; no one can keep themselves aloof from politics as it’s inevitable so without hating it we must become part of it. Ours is a democratic country so every individual of nation could participate. Politics too has good opportunities as career simultaneously doing service of people. It’s nice initiative taken by Raisoni Group and NSP to spread message of true democratic wisdom among student who are future of country.

Mr. Anil Sole Politician

The democratic system is only way to get rid out of wrong governance. In a bid to develop country through societies selfless services is only way. It’s time to contemplate true spirit of constitutions and administer it in deep mind of young generation. Constitution itself will show the way to youth ultimately resulting in development of our country. Institution like Raisoni Group in association with NSP really doing great job.

Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra  

Hindu code bill gives equal right to women diminishing all forms of equality proving same right on ancestral property as of men. We need to change our mindset that only men can be passed by property not women. Social Scenario is rapidly changing and we must cope with it. The Raisoni Group’s focus on issue is applaudable.

Mrs. Kumkum Sirpurkar Senior Advocate

Killing female child might create imbalance in laws of nature so must fight against female foeticide. Different Government scheme implemented to bring girls in main stream of empowerment providing equal opportunities equal to men. We need to show active participation for woman empowerment and their social security. It’s pleasant to know those NSP teams And Raisoni Group are in front line.

Priti Gandhi Politician

Woman in today’s era not a home entity but she posses gut to compete with contemporary men. We must raise our voice against domestic violence and its responsibility of all to protect her. Woman are made of different shade like waters, fire, air etc. and she incarnate herself according to situation. The woman is only reason for existence of mankind if she is not protected we will extinct. Congratulation to NSP and Raisoni Group for making me part of this conclave.

Mrs. Rashmi Anand Social Activist

A person can only proves his credential only if he believes in himself. No other forces rather than Self-motivation are useful for human development. It’s only we who carve the way through hurdle and make their own way. Thanks to NSP and Raisoni mentor for providing a wonderful opportunity to interact with student.

Ms. Suhani Shah Illusionist and Life Coach

To success in any field one has to be passionate and Hopeful. You don’t need to compete with others to succeed in any field just do it. Those who are succeed in there venture could be your resource person or inspiration. It’s high time for being innovator rather than just a consumer. Hope is only way to hit bulls eye. NSP doing great job.

Mukesh Jha Co-founder and CEO of autowale.in

No matter how problem crucial is we are the only who could solve it. NGO’s plays important part in social up liftment amalgamating with Government and other bodies. Situation of villages still need our attention and support. Very small thing could be great issues for people of villages. Being a vigilant civilian responsibility bears on our shoulder to cope with it. I congratulate Raisoni Group and Team of NSP for highlighting issues.

Minakshi Gupta Co-founder of Social initiative “GOONJ”

In whole universe human race is most successful species. Technical revolution is contemporary to the human evolution. It’s a call of hour for Indian youth not only to consumes but innovate new technologies. Every mistake gives you a lesson. Philosophy plays an important part in giving direction to your life.

Mr. Brijesh Singh Inspector General of Police (Cyber) & IT specialist

The most important trait humans need to possess is courage. There will be failure in life and one has to understand the tricks to cope with it. Innovation could help in providing cheap technology different sectors such as health, defense, infrastructure, agriculture etc.

Rahul Panicker Co-founder of Embrace Innovation.

Innovative mind set is what we need to accommodate the changing trend of our country. We can embark a program to empower youth with new technological development in the field of health, manufacturing, defense, micro industries etc. Getting a job benefits to only one where as being entrepreneur benefits many which also pave the way for social leadership. The NSP and Raisoni Group there active nature of taking initiative fro Youth empowerment. I congratulate them.

Mr. Shashikant Chaudhari Businessman

Possessing emotional quotient is important for having in depth knowledge of anything. In current scenario being tech savvy has its own advantages which can be utilize for good causes. To succeed in life one need Knowledge, Understanding and Experience by combining it we can achieve desired goal in our life.

Isha Koppikar Bollywood Actress

Woman has lots way to go for career selection as almost every sector is open for her. She could be anything pilot, doctor designer, actress, judge etc. Nation runs by constitution and She has been given equal right by the same. She must learn to fight if denied for any right. NSP team truly paving way for woman empowerment by raising issues. Thanks to them.

Illahi Heptulla Actress and Producer

With an immense change in social behavior people are getting open minded and it’s time for us to combine modernity and tradition for smooth co-operation. We need to gather power in youth and give it a direction so they can lead us on path of success. And NSP Team with Raisoni Group doing the same

Varsha Usgaonkar Actress